Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7: Ultradünnes Honeycomb-Tablet (Hands-On)

Neben dem Samsung Galaxy Note steht auch ein neues Tablet auf dem Programm der diesjährigen IFA in Berlin. Das Galaxy Tab 7.7 soll wohl der direkt Nachfolger des guten alten Galaxy Tab sein.

Auch in dem 7,7 Zoll großen Galaxy Tab 7.7 steckt ein 1,4 GHz schneller Dual-Core Prozessor. Das Display löst mit 1280 x 800 Pixel auf und basiert auf der Super AMOLED-Plus Technologie.

Android 3.2 kommt auf diesem, nur 7,89 mm dünnen, Samsung Tablet zum Einsatz kommen und natürlich sind auch LTE, WiFi, HSPA+, GPS und Bluetooth an Bord.

Die Speicherauswahl wird bei 16, 32 und 64 GB liegen. Samsung hat natürlich auch an die Kameras gedacht. So hat es auf der Rückseite eine 3 Megapixel Kamera (es ist ein Tablet und kein Fotoapparat) und an der Front eine 2 Megapixel Kamera.

Der Akku soll stolze 5100 mAh an Speicherkapazität bieten. Der Preis ist noch nicht bekannt. Aber 500 Euro sind bei der Hardware sicher angebracht.


The Technology More, the experience More

The Galaxy Tab 7.7 is the first tablet that incorporates Samsung’s Super AMOLED Plus display technology with sleek design for ultimate portability. The Super AMOLED Plus display allows for a wider range of colors with greater separation between lights and darks vividly. The Galaxy Tab 7.7 provides ultimate portability and viewing quality within featuring a brighter display combined with a thinner (7.89 mm) and lighter (335 grams) design that easily fits in your jacket pocket or purse.

“The Galaxy Tab 7.7’s ultra-thin design and WXGA Super AMOLED Plus display are impressive differentiators in the tablet marketplace and pillars of our ultimate goal of meeting a wide variety of consumer needs.”

– JK Shin, President and Head of Samsung’s Mobile Communications Business

Impressive Speed, Power & Battery Life

The Galaxy Tab 7.7 features HSPA+ 21 Mbps network for faster uploads and downloads up to twice the speed. The device is powered by a 1.4 GHz dual core application processor for fast web-loading, seamless multitasking and superior multimedia performance. Thanks to a 5,100 mAh battery providing up to 10 hours of video playback time.

Latest 3.2 Honeycomb OS with “Samsung TouchWiz UX”

The Galaxy Tab 7.7 is powered by Android™ 3.2 Honeycomb, Android 3.2 has been optimized for a 7-inch tablet with a new compatibility zoom mode. This optimizes applications that are not designed to run on larger screen sizes, so they fit on the entire screen without distortion. In addition, the tablet supports MicroSD cards of up to 32 GB for direct media files transfer. Samsung’s TouchWiz user experience is designed with a Live Panel menu for customizing the home screen of the Galaxy Tab 7.7 with digital pictures. The TouchWiz UX includes a “Mini Apps” tray of commonly used features such as task manager, calendar and music by multi-tasking.

Powerful Multimedia and better communication

Galaxy Tab 7.7 lets you enjoy video clips without limitation, featuring 1080p full HD playback, DivX included multi codec and Micro SD. The device also includes Universal Remote Control functionality, allowing control of the entire home entertainment system – TV, Set top box, DVD, Blu-ray player, AV audio system – from one device. Moreover, the Galaxy Tab 7.7 offers both voice and video calls for better communication. There is no need to bring a headset and BT for voice calls.


Samsung’s Hub Services offers easy access to content including games, eBooks, music and more. The Galaxy Tab 7.7 is the first mobile tablet to include a pre-loaded Game Hub, with easy social games, all fast graphics. The Galaxy Tab 7.7 also features access to Samsung’s Music Hub service, which offers 15 million songs for preview download and play. The Readers Hub service features a robust library filled with more than 2.3 million books, 2,000 newspapers and 3,000 magazines in up to 49 languages, and Samsung’s Social Hub service aggregates email, contacts, calendar and social network connections into a single interface.

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